Quick and Easy Diabetic Desserts Recipes

Quick and Easy Diabetic Desserts Recipes

Diabetic Desserts

Are you looking for tips for making quick and easy diabetic desserts? When you are managing your blood sugar or trying to avoid artificial sweeteners, it can be difficult to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth that is easy to prepare. However, finding a treat that also complements your health is easy if you have the right advice.

Frozen fruit can be sweeter than fresh fruit

It seems contradictory that frozen fruit would be sweeter, but packaging sometimes reveals that frozen fruit has added sugar. For many diabetics, this means avoiding buying frozen fruit for quick desserts like smoothies altogether. Nevertheless, if you have the time, try freezing your own fruit. Some produce, like blueberries or grapes, taste great as desserts straight from the freezer.

Yogurt desserts with low glycemic levels

When you need something sweet, sometimes your best to solution is an item that is already prepared. On the other hand, if you are able to do some planning, you can find your best defense for low-sugar diabetic deserts at the grocery store. In addition to picking up a container of plain yogurt, get a couple of sugar-free jams or fruit to mix in it. You will find it is easier to control your sugar intake this way and that the yogurt gives you extra protein.

Make your diabetic desserts nuttier

Depending on the type you buy, some nuts have a sweet taste. Eating them is like a diabetic desert in and of itself. Along these lines, there are a variety of nuts on the market today that are prepared with low-sugar dessert options. Good examples are nuts that are roasted and have a thin coating of flavoring such as cinnamon or chocolate. In most cases, there is a low-sugar or diabetic dessert option next to the full sugar selections.

Easy low-sugar pies made with tofu

If you are craving something like key lime pie and cannot find a good diabetic dessert recipe for it, try a little bit of tofu instead. Silken tofu is often added to dessert recipes and no one knows the difference. Tofu will add extra protein to your treat, but it reduces the overall amount of sugar that you will need. A good example is a tofu, peanut butter and chocolate pie. To make it, you add one package of silken tofu with melted low-sugar peanut butter and dark chocolate. While you may still be consuming a minor amount of sugar, you will get your fix for something rich, creamy, cold and chocolaty.